Been Awhile!!!

Its been some time since I have written anything. I have been through the wringers and hung out to dry and am currently being wrung through again. It seems this a recurring theme in my life but I feel like it is the last time it will happen. (Meanwhile the old washing machine of life scoffs at my arrogance of thinking I got it this time). I do not do puff pieces, everything is real,(from my perspective but that does not mean its an illusion). I have been granted a stay of execution, a second shot(in reality I Lost Count) to make things right. I am in search of my Magnum Opus, a grand statement in which to shock the system into realizing we can not cookie cutter everyone into neat little shapes and expect all to be well. I will not be the first to attempt this nor will I be last for if I am to succeed then I will also most likely create just another form to be molded onto others as most people like their neat little boxes.


Life is not like a box of chocolates. eventually the surprise goes away once you open enough of them. If you view life this way then I surmise you have tunnel vision.

Until later>>>….


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