I am middle aged and driven by my children and my loving wife. My personal views about the state of of the world with some backing and some opinion are the bulk of my work. I believe we as a nation have been sucker punched into thinking electing university graduated rich business men is the best way to represent our beliefs and needs. I would aspire to be the POTUS but only if  could network a group of like minded individuals to form a new third party and have it control one third of the House and Senate. I would hope it would remain this way so as to prevent one party or another from ever having ideological laws passed upon us just because our particular political party is not the majority. It would require those without bias, discrimination, malice for certain social classes be they rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle. Every man deserves a right to try and achieve Rockefeller wealth and use that wealth for the betterment of society instead of just themselves. A individual commitment without government or private manipulation to make this world better starting at home and then moving out into the world with those that have joined the cause to rebuild solid foundations in those countries already established and build new foundations in places that have been without. Not through forced taxation and regulations but through the spirit of America.


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